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Meet Private Chef Cierra L. Holmes whose vision for Lorés is to offer quality food and a personalized fine dining experience every time. 




On the Rocks Restaurant, St. Barts


Lorés is a personalized event encounter created to produce a unique individualized fine dining experience in any setting that you choose. From a private and intimate setting to a large corporate function, Lorés can do it all. The Private Chef catering is a service provided for brunches, birthday parties, corporate events and many other special occasions. Our motto at Lorés is “Bringing Fine Dining To The Comfort Of Your Home." Chef Holmes created this motto based off of the alternative to sitting in a crowded, noisy restaurant where the focus is not really on you. Lorés commitment is to bring that focus back to you. The style of cooking is what we consider “fusion cooking” where we will be taking an array of fresh herbs and spices fusing them together to create something that your palate has never experienced, and will never experience anywhere else. Everything is fresh, locally sourced and made from scratch. Every dessert and cocktail is handcrafted. Each menu is uniquely created for your dining experience. 

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